PharmacoNutrition is a registered company in Switzerland.

PharmacoNutrition has extensive experience in the global Healthcare industry. Its key personnel have a deep knowledge of these sectors and share a common vision of their transformative role in the next generation of healthcare. In the context of the prevailing negative health trends and the well-documented failures of the pharmaceutical model, the company’s founders have identified the need to develop innovative, evidence-based and natural strategies to improve and protect individual and public health.

Via its extended network of partners in Europe, North America, MENA, Africa, India and the Far East, PharmacoNutrition accesses an unprecedentedly wide range of herbal and food derivates; and from its founders, PharmacoNutrition has inherited a successful and global network of distributors, which will shortly be enhanced via e-distribution.

PharmacoNutrition is uniquely placed to develop and deliver healthy ageing natural life stage solutions to health problems of all kinds, in all markets.

PharmacoNutrition: new strategies for a new era of health care.