claytonScience behind our Products

PharmacoNutrition develops programs of food derivates designed to correct and alleviate the fundamental causes of the degenerative diseases. It is a counter-point to the pharmaceutical approach, which is largely restricted to suppressing the symptoms of disease; but the two approaches are easily combined. Integrated nutritional and pharmaceutical pharmacology is the future of health care.

Lifestyle-related diseases are the leading cause of death worldwide. Currently killing 36 million people every year and affecting billions more, they are becoming ever-more widespread and emerging in progressively younger groups of victims. These diseases are largely caused by Type B malnutrition, a form of dysnutrition characterised by depletion of almost all micro- and phyto-nutrients and often combined with calorific excess. Type B malnutrition is caused by our historically low food intakes and poor food choices, due to urbanised low-energy lifestyles and a pathogenic commercial dietary environment.

Type B malnutrition causes immune system dysfunction and chronic inflammation, which drive all the degenerative diseases. Pharmaceuticals can only suppress the symptoms of these diseases, which have spiralled because we have strayed so far from our dietary roots (and the nutritional wisdom of our great grand-parents).