PharmacoNutrition signs distribution deal with the Thumbay Group in the U.A.E. for Claricell® and Cellmate®

ATHENS, GREECE – Jan. 25, 2014 – PharmacoNutrition has signed a long term Agreement with the Thumbay Group for the distribution & marketing of Claricell® and Cellmate® in the United Arab Emirates. Through its subsidiary, the Thumbay Marketing & Distribution Company (TMDC), Thumbay will distribute the products in pharmacies and other retail outlets, once the products have been registered and approved by the Ministry of Health.

“We’re very excited to enter into this agreement with TMDC” said Kyriakos Zervakakis, CEO of PharmacoNutrition. “Having the opportunity to distribute our products in the United Arab Emirates is a great honor and we are looking forward to further develop the relationship with TMDC”.

About Claricell®

Claricell® is an all-natural nutraceutical intervention program which provides rapid and sustained relief of symptoms of asthma & allergy. It also primes the innate immune system, raising resistance to infection.

The active ingredients in the products are a proprietary strain of beta 1,3/1,6 glucans from yeast, highly purified and standardized polyphenols (quercetin & curcumin) and a program of key micro nutrients including Vitamin D and selenium.

About Cellmate®

The Cellmate® range of products are natural solutions for Hypoactive sexual desire disorder (HSDD) symptoms. They re-partition the main male and female sex hormones, leading to physiological increases in plasma levels of the free (active) fractions.

Cellmate® Man combines the standardized Fenugreek extract Testofen® with a range of vitamins and minerals essential for the production of testosterone. A gold standard clinical trial showed a resulting increase in free testosterone, together with increased libido, sexual activity and drive.

Cellmate® Woman combines the standardized Fenugreek extract Libifem® with a micronutrient program designed to support the production of healthy estrogen metabolites. A gold standard clinical trial showed a resulting increase in free estradiol, together with increased arousal and sexual activity, in pre-menopausal women.

About the Thumbay Group

Thumbay Group UAE is an international business conglomerate with its headquarters in Ajman, United Arab Emirates.

The Thumbay Group has an impressive track record and has set the standards in many social and business sectors. It was founded in 1998 at Ajman, UAE, by its founder Mr. Thumbay Maiden, a visionary third generation entrepreneur from India. Within a decade it has blossomed into a diversified group with operations in Education, Healthcare, Medical Research, Diagnostics, Retail Pharmacy, Health Communication, Retail Opticals, Wellness, Nutrition Stores, Hospitality, Real Estate, Publishing, Trading, Marketing & Distribution.

About PharmacoNutrition

PharmacoNutrition is a Swiss healthcare company dedicated to the development of natural, innovative and evidence-based nutritional programs designed to prevent and resolve the major health problems of our time.

Via its extended network of partners in Europe, America, MENA, Africa, India and the Far East, PharmacoNutrition accesses an unprecedentedly wide range of herbal and food derivates; and from its founders, PharmacoNutrition has inherited a successful and global network of distributors, which will shortly be enhanced via e-distribution.


Kyriakos Zervakakis
Managing Director

PharmacoNutrition GmbH

Phone: +30 693 7060745