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CELLMATE® is designed to provide relief and support for women suffering from a loss of sexual drive and libido, which are thought to affect approximately 1 in 5 younger women, and up to 1 in 3 women after the menopause. Cellmate (F) is a safer and natural alternative to pharmaceutical estrogen replacement therapy.

There are many factors which may cause or contribute to loss of libido; ranging from stress, depression, anxiety, fatigue, obesity and diabetes, through to the use of drugs such as anti-depressants.

Female libido is affected by a number of hormones including estradiol and testosterone; low estradiol is linked to low arousal and impaired lubrication, and low testosterone is associated with low libido. Almost all of the testosterone and most of the estradiol in the blood is bound to sex hormone binding globulin and is inactive. Only a small percentage of these hormones is free, and it is these free fractions that are active. In a recent study, pre-menopausal women with low libido and low testosterone levels were treated with the active ingredient in Cellmate F.

CELLMATE® is an extract of the herb Fenugreek, which has long been used for both culinary and medical purposes. It is standardized to saponins in Fenugreek called furostanols, unique compounds which dislodge a very small fraction of bound testosterone from its binding sites. As 99% of testosterone in the blood is bound (and inactive), dislodging a mere 1% of bound testosterone leads to a small but significant increase of free testosterone levels (1). This is a relatively inefficient mode of action, but its very inefficiency ensures that levels of free sex hormones never rise above physiological limits. The supra-physiological levels achieved by pharmaceutical formats do not occur; CELLMATE® thus provides all the benefits of hormone replacement therapy, but without the adverse effects. A double-blind clinical trial published in 2013 shows that over a 6 week treatment with the ingredients in Cellmate, sexual scores and activity in healthy females increased by approximately 100%, together with improved feelings of wellness (1).

The furostanols in CELLMATE® are combined with a program of co-factors including methyl group donors, which support healthy estrogen metabolism.

Active ingredients
in descending order
Content capsule Comments % RDA
Libifem® 300 mg Fenugreek Extract
Magnesium 105 mg 56
Betain 105 mg N/A
Angelica Sinesis 2.50 mg N/A
Vitamin K1 5% 37.50 mcg 100


Take 2 capsules with water an hour before retiring

Adverse effects

None Known


Active estrogen-sensitive breast cancer